Saturday, October 31, 2009

What the GODS have to say

Immense love, bowls of hard work,
Brain with world best sulci and gyri;
And handfuls of courage in them,
And now I believe its all done as I plot this in my diary.

I gave them breath so the earthians may ‘breathe’,
I gifted them with love so that the species can feel;
I carved an evergreen smile on each one of them,
And then sent them down there in ‘my-made’ cavern.

Eos laughs when she sees what Zeus invents for the earth,
But I do never fear,
The seven will surely turn the blue planet green,
With ‘fight extinction’ and all cheers.

They have power from their ancestors,
Greatest and worthiest were they all;
Even if the seven have 1% of the inherited might,
They will surely reach immeasurable heights.

“Night dreams often come true”, I have heard my elders say,
If so, then last Sunday had all the above to convey!
And when I had then peeped out of my window,
My eyes marked a dropping star on its way.

- Harjot Pabla

1 comment:

  1. That poem is one of the most beautiful string of words I have ever read.. I am so captivated by its strong feeling that I am at loss for words.. beautiful.. really.. so beautiful..